Back Office


  • PAT L8 and PAT L9 systems fitted to machines send critical information to the back office via an independent mesh network.
  • This information is stored in a database from where it is accessed by the Real-Time Safety Management System and the Analysis tool.


  • The PAT system creates a self-healing mesh network on-site independent of the PDS/VDS radio communication, GPRS/3G services, and WiFi networks.
  • Radio repeaters ensure line of sight coverage of the site.
  • The PAT Real-Time Safety Management System uses the database‚Äôs information to alert the control room operator of safety-critical events in real-time.
  • The PAT Analysis tool access the data in the back office database to generate management reports. The reports include over-speeding, incidents, excessive idling, etc
  • In addition, the analysis tool can use data from the L8 and L9 controller data logs to generate event playback videos.