Level 9 PAT System


  • The system is ready to implement as a Level 9 machine to machine and machine to man collision avoidance system, no other components are required when you need to move your site to level 9.
  • The L9 Controller will function as an L8 unit when L9 has not been implemented.
  • ISO21815 compliant according to UP tests passed.


  • This system is currently operating on-site at Level 9.
  • Full GIS background layer enhances safety and productivity.
  • The system is suitable for use in open pit- and plant areas with GPS and RTLS location technology.
  • All machines are part of a mesh radio network that enables the transmission of data from the machines to a back office.
  • Intelligent linear dynamic zoning ensures safety at all speeds and traffic scenarios.
  • Comprehensive back office with geofence capability.
  • Diagnostic- and health check with access control capability.
  • The “Mine Safe Real-time Safety Management system” enables you to take proactive control of safety on your site.
  • The reporting tool includes, among many reporting capabilities, a playback function that facilitates effective Incident analysis.
  • Data is logged on the controller and on the back office.
  • All operating parameters are configurable.
  • Biometric key control, Electronic Tick List and fatigue management integration are available.
  • Plug and play installation with strain-relief and tamper-proof.
  • Loading mode to avoid nuisance alarms during loading.
  • IP66 tests passed.