PAT L7 - Jan Mobile Unit


  • Revolutionary solution for temporary access to red areas.
  • The unit is fitted to the vehicle at the entry point to the red area and tested at the vehicle test gate.
  • When the vehicle exit the site, the unit is removed and recharged.
  • Battery operated.
  • Self-contained integrated solution.
  • L7 machine to machine, and machine to pedestrian collision avoidance- Visual and audio alarms.


  • The system is suitable for use in open pit and plant areas with GPS and RTLS location technology.
  • Intelligent linear dynamic zoning.
  • Diagnostic and health check with access control capability.
  • The unit logs all relevant data.
  • All operating parameters are configurable.
  • External and internal functional diagnostics.
  • Plug and play installation.
  • IP66 tests passed.
  • There are no ancillary components that complicate the installation and maintenance of your temporary PDS/VDS solution.
  • The unit is battery operated and therefore not dependent on a power supply from the machine.
  • While the vehicle fitted with the L7 JAN Mobile unit is on-site, it will be equipped with a Level 7 PDS/VDS system compatible with the PAT pedestrian and machine units.