PTU Level 9 Pedestrian Tag


  • The PAT PTU is the pedestrian tag worn by personnel who enter areas where there is a risk of interaction with machines and vehicles.
  • Personnel will be warned with visual and audio alarms of impending danger.
  • 12 hour battery life.
  • The system integrates with on-site T & A systems to ensure access is denied if a person is not equipped with a functional unit.


  • The system is suitable for use in open pit- and plant areas with GPS and RTLS location technology.
  • Diagnostic- and health check with access control capability.
  • The reporting tool includes, among many reporting capabilities, a playback function that facilitates effective Incident analysis.
  • Extensive data logging capability.
  • All operating parameters are configurable.
  • External- and internal functional diagnostics.
  • Pairing capability to avoid nuisance alarms.
  • IP66 tests passed.