Proximity Awareness Technology  (Collision Avoidance System)

Let’s take a closer look at the Proximity awareness technology (Collision Avoidance System) components and the unique features that sets it apart from all the others. The main controller unit displays GISS backgrounds of the mines, maps in real time, suggestive voice commands as well as visual and audible warnings are displayed on the screen. Predictive path algorithms, software constantly calculates the safest options for operators.

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Fatigue Monitoring System

The PAT Fatigue Monitoring system will warn the operator of the machine when his behavior indicates fatigue or drowsiness. The operators’ eyes, facial movement, and -features are tracked with the Fatigue sensor and AI camera. This enable the system to detect behavior which indicate drowsiness and fatigue.

The real time notification which is sent to the control room enable the fleet owner to stop a fatigued operator before an incident occur. All violations are logged with video evidence,
the location, and other data related to the incident.

Monitoring fatigue ensures workers’ safety, increases productivity, reduces the number of incidents and lost-time injuries.